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What do we do?

We’ve made it our mission to make distance learning easier than ever. We offer a wide variety of courses, designed for people trying to gain new skills without wasting time or sacrificing other parts of their life. We make sure our courses are easy to combine with your current job, hobbies and responsibilities.

Our goal is to give people around the entire world the right tools to get all the knowledge and skills they need in order to pursue their professional dreams.

We also believe knowledge is power. We realize that our audience consists of motivated people who want to learn about the fields they’re passionate about – and we aim to help keep them informed. Take a look at our News section to learn about new developments in all the fields we offer – and maybe discover some little-known nuggets of info about your dream job.


Who is our audience?

People who feel burnt out or underappreciated at their current job can explore new fields and gain new skills to switch fields or ask for a promotion.

Fresh college graduates facing a surprisingly tough job market can quickly add concrete and in-demand professional skills to their resume and increase their job opportunities.

People looking for a fresh start in a different country can prepare themselves for a new job and a different culture and smoothly integrate into their new environment.

We create opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals through our wide range of course subjects. Behind every single course there’s a talented team of teachers, experienced professionals and passionate subject experts.


What do you get?

From your first contact with our student advisors, you’ll receive professional advice on choosing the right course for your goals. Once you’re enrolled, you will have access to the following resources:

  • a digital course you can access from anywhere, at any time, on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet
  • a personal profile on an online student platform, full of bonus materials and exercises
  • unlimited exclusive contact with your teacher and our subject experts

Every year, more than 6000 students join us and start their journey. With an excellent track record in distance learning and the best IT infrastructure Europe has to offer, we’re here to offer you a smooth, comprehensive, time-tested learning experience. We at Coursle are confident in making your professional dreams come true.


An excellent track record in online education

Coursle is Europe’s leading provider of English accredited online courses. Our programs will help you pursue and achieve career goals, prepare for a role in a different sector or simply develop your professional skills and strengthen your CV. Each of our courses is prepared by a select instructor with years of professional experience in the field, and our curriculum follows a strict set of guidelines.


Accredited training quality

The Center for Distance Learning is part of De Ondernemersschool and is one of the largest training providers for adults in the Benelux. It organizes professional training for students from all over the world through the system of distance learning.

The quality of our courses is nationally and internationally recognized by the accredited professional association Institute for Business Administration and Training - Wellness Federation vzw which holds a seat in the Supreme Council for the Self-employed and SMEs in Belgium.

The educational institution is registered in the Central Register for Short Professional Education (CRKBO). This means that the educational institution complies with the Quality Code for Education Institutions for Short Professional Education. Moreover, the Center for Distance Learning meets the strict quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Finally, the programs are recognized by the Center for Vocational Vocational Qualification and the VZW Center for Evening Education, which means that you can continue studying at these educational institutions or that you can obtain exemptions.

For more information about these accreditations click here.


Hundreds of professional courses

We offer a wide range of courses in dozens of different fields. With more than 6000 students a year, we have the experience and expertise to create a smooth learning experience. Whether you’re trying to start a new career, or climb the ladder in your current field, we’ll give you the skills you need to make that happen. Our curriculum is built around accessibility – even if you’re a beginner with no experience, you’ll quickly gain basic knowledge and keep expanding on that.


Offices and locations

Our offices/campuses are located in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt and Brussels. In the Netherlands, you can visit us in Amsterdam and Breda. You can take a look at our buildings, meet our staff and discuss anything that interests you regarding the courses we offer.


Recognized diplomas

As a Coursle graduate, you’ll get an internationally recognized diploma upon graduation. It’s a testament to your comprehensive skillset, proven through a competitive exam, and your ability to apply those skills efficiently and professionally in real-world situations.

Our diplomas are held in high regard by all our partners. Thanks to the high success rate our graduates enjoy, a Coursle diploma with your name on it is also a reliable way to get your foot in the door in businesses, big and small, across the globe.


Join our team!

We’re always looking for passionate professionals to join our team. Whether you're a teacher looking for a new professional challenge, or an administrative expert looking to explore new horizons, we might have what you're looking for.Take a look at our Careers page and see if we have a vacancy you’d like to fill.



Our mission is to help motivated people from all over the world get the career – or pay raise – they want. Whether you’re dreaming of starting a new business, or want to get promoted at your firm and get a bigger paycheck, it’s our goal to make that happen for you.

We do that by:

We at Coursle know that everyone has dreams – but not everyone gets to make them come true.

And we want to change that.

We believe in a world where people can follow their professional dreams. Where people thinking outside the box – like you – get the opportunity to pursue their passion.

Join us and go after yours today!

You can also sign up for free and get updates and discounts about your favorite courses straight to your e-mail inbox. This will also let you explore free samples, brochures and chapters so you can make an informed choice about your education.

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Good course that covers every tool of Access. I needed this quickly for a job and I think I already got very good in some weeks. 

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Very easy to start with. The chapters are nicely and logically structured with lots of clear examples.  

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Good value for money. Professional teacher with a lot of experience. Online platform was a bit of a challenge at the beginning, but once you get st...

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