ISO 9001:2015

Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning is ISO 9001 : 2015 certified. That’s an ironclad guarantee of our professional service quality and organizational structure. We practice rigorous quality control and use all resources and training procedures at our disposal to ensure you get the best education possible – and this certificate is a testament to that.

We use this label to keep raising our standards and improving upon the service we offer. It helps us make sure that our learning materials and curriculum remain relevant and we can keep offering you top level guidance on your professional journey.

In order to keep our certification, our educational institution is subject to annual audits by an independent external committee. You can learn more by visiting the audit firm’s website.

Wellness Federation

Wellness Federation

Become an official Wellness Federation member!

The select few who have passed a beauty and wellness training at our educational institution can join the ranks of the Wellness Federation. This recognized professional association is part of the Belgian High Council for Self-Employment and SMEs. The organization, company number BE0871.076.232,  is based in Antwerp, Belgium, at Mechelsesteenweg 73. This official institution represents, studies, protects and promotes the professional, economic, social and moral interests of the self-employed and SME communities.

Wellness Federation representatives regularly audit the quality of beauty and wellness courses, teachers and curse materials. When you graduate and get your diploma from Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning, you’ll automatically join the ranks of the Federation and enjoy all the perks your membership comes with.