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22/12/2020 Amari Lindroos

Are you a psychologist, therapist, coach or supervisor? Do you have extra time on your hands and want to attract more clients, or do you want to switch to online counselling? This is possible by offering your practice sessions online. We are happy to show you how it's done! 

We have all experienced the benefits of working from home. The time you spend commuting is freed up, both for you and your clients. More time to:

  • put your personal life in order through professional organizing
  • give your career a boost by consulting a job coach
  • achieve your fitness goals through sports coaching
  • give your business a boost by optimizing your marketing plan in collaboration with an expert
  • ...

All these things can perfectly be done online. So switch to online guidance and reap the benefits of a flexible practice. How? We'll show you!

1. Create your own website

If you don't have your own website in the 21st century, you're missing out on a lot of customers. Word-of-mouth advertising has a limited range, while the playing field of a website reaches worldwide. If you choose a platform such as WordPress, Weebly, Wix or Squarespace, you don't need to have any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Use the pre-built templates and you'll have your own personalized website in a day's time. Keep in mind that for a fully personalized domain name and website you pay a monthly or yearly fee depending on the hosting service you use. Start building your own website as soon as possible! 


2. Integrate an online calendar application into your website

Do you want to outsource the scheduling of appointments without hiring a secretary? Use a tool like Calendly, Setmore or simplybook.me. This way your clients can choose when they book an appointment with you and you save yourself a lot of emailing back and forth. Don't forget to mention a disclaimer where appointments can be cancelled or changed 24 hours in advance. Perfect to avoid any miscommunication!

3. Choose videocall software for your sessions

If you want to teach your coaching sessions live, consider using Skype, Zoom, Slack of Google Meet to speak to your customers face-to-face through video. Remember that you should use a video app that many people already know or use because otherwise they will have to install that software especially for you. Soon WhatsApp will also release video calls on desktop (currently this is only possible via cell phone). In the future this may be the deciding factor for what will be the most popular video call app.

4. Record your session

You can easily record sessions for yourself, for your current clients, or for future clients. Are you a fitness instructor and would you like to record your workouts in advance so you can coach 30 clients at the same time? That's possible! Tape 4 to 5 workouts in 1 day, put them on the personal account of your customers (on your website after logging in for example) and contact them after a week about their progress. If you're smart, you'll only be working 2 to 3 full days a week!

5. Invoicing

If you keep an online agenda on your website, you can easily send your invoice at the end of the week, of the month or at the end of the consultation. Add up the hours of your sessions and choose to send your invoices in PDF by email. If you do this at regular intervals, you will keep an overview and you will have less work to do to make your final balance at the end of the year. Also, you automatically save all your invoices digitally and you no longer need to keep paper accounts


Advantages of your online coaching practice:

  1. You can gradually start to give your sessions online, f.e. with 1 day a week.
  2. The threshold to start is very low. You can basically set up everything yourself.
  3. You save time by not moving around and you hand the same flexibility to your customers.
  4. You can invest that extra time in yourself, in your business (accounting, filming sessions, etc), or take on extra customers.
  5. Better time management by scheduling your sessions online. A customer in a virtual session respects the agreed-upon time better than a customer who is physically in your practice.
  6. Pre-recorded sessions are a goldmine: put in your work once and get endless returns.
  7. Fulltime online coaching saves you all the costs of renting or buying your own practice.
  8. Because you work from home, you can seamlessly connect your family life with your professional life. Want to go to the dentist in the afternoon? Pick up the children right after school? You can easily fit it in your schedule.
  9. Undoubtedly you can think of about 10 more reasons to switch. So it's definitely worth considering!

Would you like even more inspiration to virtually inspire your customers? Then be sure to take a look at the advantages of online marketing in our blog about online marketing business. Short virtual instructional videos are also becoming more and more popular and the content creators are making money hand over fist with them. In this blog you will discover all about it!


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