You learn as long as you live! The professional world is constantly changing and evolving, and modern technology is changing just as rapidly! Coursle - Centre for Distance Learning is an internationally recognized knowledge center and a connection point for professionals from all over the world.

We believe in improving our technology and we have invested a lot in a brand new online learning environment, eCampus, where students can find exercises, extra teaching material, videos, etc.On your student profile, you can easily see your agenda, discover new programs, and do much more for your education.

Coursle - The Center for Distance Learning will continue to invest in new technologies and trends in the market to offer you an optimal online experience. With us, you can enjoy the best professional guidance around the clock from any place in the world.


As a student at Coursle - The Centre for Distance Learning, you get access to eCampus, our digital learning environment. You can use this professional website to contact your teacher and to explore additional learning resources for your home course. Here you will find extra course materials in the form of exercises, interesting documents, videos, illustrations, images ...

Highlights of eCampus:

  • MY AGENDA - see when your lessons will take place.
  • MESSAGES - contact your teacher by sending him/her a message. Your teacher will answer you within 48 hours!
  • DOCUMENTS AND LINKS - find all kinds of interesting recourses like documents, examples, illustrations, etc. carefully selected by your teacher.
  • EXERCISES - practice the subject matter, with immediate feedback of what you are doing right or wrong.
  • TASKS - complete tasks created for you by your teacher. Add attachments and share files to show your results.
  • MEDIA - watch a playlist of videos chosen for your home course.
  • In short: this modern learning platform is a valuable addition to your study course that helps you learn and practice the subject matter and get your diploma as quickly as possible!


Once you make a registration on our website, you can quickly access your Student Profile with just one click. Here you can change your own data, or download chapters from new courses in which you are interested.

Already signed up for a course? Then you will see when the lessons for each of your courses take place in a handy agenda. You can also see a list with the materials (if any) that you need for each course. It is also on this page that any last-minute changes are announced. The information you see on your Student Profile is always up-to-date! Super handy!