What do we do?

With our home study courses,distance learning is easier than ever before. We offer flexible courses designed for people looking to study at home and learn new professional skills in a flexible and time-saving way. This means that you can easily combine your studies with your current job, hobbies and family life.

Our goal is to give people around the entire world the right tools to get all the knowledge and skills they need in order to pursue their professional dreams.

Who is our audience?

People who are sick and tired of their current job can easily explore new fields and gather new skills to make a career switch or get a promotion.

Fresh college graduates facing a surprisingly tough job market can quickly add concrete and in-demand professional skills to their resume and increase their job opportunities.

People looking to start a new life in a country with better living conditions can instantly prepare themselves for a new job and a new language and integrate into their new environment without any trouble.

We create opportunities for every person in the world to achieve success through our universal range of course subjects. Behind every course is a talented team of dedicated teachers, seasoned professionals and passionate subject experts.

What do you get?

From your first call to our course advisors, you will get professional advice on choosing the ideal course for your specific goals. Once you’re enrolled, you will have access to the following resources:

  • a digital course that you can access on your computer, laptop and smartphone
  • an online student platform where you’ll find extra lesson material
  • online guidance from the best teachers and subject experts

Every year more than 6000 students start their success with our courses. With an excellent track record in providing a high-end distance learning service and the most high-tech IT infrastructure Europe has to offer, we are perfectly equipped to offer you the best learning experience. At Homestudies we’re confident in making your professional dreams come true.