Elisaveta Pavlova


Doctor in Psychology, Master in Counseling Psychology, BA with Double Majors in Psychology and Human Relations from Concordia University in Canada.

CEDS-Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and a Member of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals iaedp™, and EDIT™ Certified I - Eating Disorder Treatment Clinician, trained at the American EDIT Institute for Intuitive Therapy.

Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova is a Self-Esteem Elevation and a Self-Confidence Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and a Career Coach at The Coaching Academy of North America.

She is a Certified Body Positive Therapist from the Body Positive Institute, a Certified Professional Consultant in the Intuitive Eating Approach from the American Organization of Intuitive Eating Professionals.

She is the Founder, the President, and the Coordinating Trainer of UNIKAL Online Institute, NPO Association UNIKAL, and “Emotions & Eating” Academy.

She has over 12 years of experience helping people with body image, self-esteem, and confidence issues; as well as, problems with distorted-emotional, restrictive, and binge eating, and eating disorders; stress, anxiety, anger, depression, sleep, career and various other problems.

Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova is the author and creator of the transformational online program: "The Ultimate Confidence, Body, and Self-Esteem Method", and also of several other online courses.

Furthermore, Dr. Elisaveta Pavlova is a member of the iaedp™’s Bord of Directors, the Chair of the International Chapter of the International Association for ED iaedp™ and Designated Educational Affiliate in Bulgaria, as well as a Professional Partner to WHO (World Health Organization) Global Clinical Practice Network.od", and also of several other online courses.

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